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For those too lazy to do the work...

  • S.C.A.M. Method

    Perfect for dimwitted morons who can't put in the work.
    Valid for one month
    • Business Lessons from The Master, Oz Kano
    • Free membership to MASTER OZ's motivational TEXT S.C.A.M.
    • 6 online classes including THE WAY OF THE S.C.A.M.
    • Free S.C.A.M. Keychain upon completion of the course

Follow this path if:

  1. You are tired of being a broke loser.

  2. You hate working 

  3. You want a million dollars over night.

  4. You have little moral compass.

  5. You want to be dope at being dope.

For those ready to make things happen...

  • GL3 Method

    Every month
    Perfect for hustlers!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Intro to Business Development
    • Intro to Mindset Development
    • Intro to Visualization
    • Intro to Leadership
    • Intro to Marketing
    • Intro to Project Management
    • Intro to Business Law
    • Intro to Entertainment Law
    • Intro to Networking

Follow this path if:

  1. You are ready to take accountability.

  2. You know you must put in the hours.

  3. You want to build a sustainable future.

  4. You want to help others.

  5. You want to be dope at being dope.

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